New Collecion of Men's Business and Occasion Suits by Norberto

Was launched the new collection of Men's Suits made ​​by SC Pen Tailor Colection SRL garments factory Satu Mare.

SC Pen Tailor Colection SRL garments factory from Satu Mare is the manufacturer of Norberto Collection brand, and is more than a decade in top companies producing Business and Occasional Suit. Our success key is the reaction speed of changes in fashion, combined with impeccable quality of Suits by Norberto brand. Our Company's policy and compliance with this policy has attracted many customers from Romania and from Europe, which include clients from Italy, Hungary and Poland - and the private clients coming from almost all European countries. Our success is due for qualified personnel too, they was formed from one of the most renowned manufacturers of Suits in the world.

The variety of Men's Suits produced by us is equally with market demand, from Business Suits, Classic Suits, Smokings, Bridegroom's Suits, Occasion Suits, Suit Blazers, Trousers, Coats and not least Men's Jackets. We manufacture suits from Waist 0, Waist I, Waist II ( sizes 45-58 ), for children ( sizes 32-42 ), 6XL ( sizes 60-72 ). Also we manufacture Coats, Jackets, Youth' Jackets Tunic type ( sizes 38-68 ). The materials which we are working are chosen carefully, always making an effort to bring the new materials used by the most renowned manufacturers from Europe. Our designers follow the fashion changes until to the smallest detail.

Coming soon the season of Suit Blazers and Jackets. Norberto Collection is available with a significant variety of Suit Blazers, Suit Blazers with Elbow Patches, Jackets and special Coats for winter. These can see on the website, online catalog models from 2013.