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Norberto Tailor and NPH brands are totally authentic Romanian brands, which are made over a decade on quality suits market.  The Norberto Tailor and NPH brands and there variety are known  beyond the borders of Romania, because we are always to date with the news and with changes in international fashion, especially the Italian, thus ensuring the success of the men who are wearing our suits in business, in everyday's life or special occasions. Our collaborators from Romania are extremely satisfied by the quality of our products, first of all by the variety and not least by our seriosity. Under the Norberto Tailor and NPH brands are made: Business Suits, Classic Suits, Smokings, Bridegroom's Suits, Slim Suits (arched), Occasion Suits, Youth's Suit Blazer ( with elbow patches), Trousers, Coats, Suit Blazers and Jackets. For new models of Men Suits and Coats please ask the catalogue for obvious reasons.
Wearing a Norberto Tailor or NPH suit, you have the guarantee of success!

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